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Presentation Cases

Made in the U.S.A. by Ohio Craftsmen

VRA cases were designed by Doug Hague and family in 2011. Since 2006, the Hague family has owned and operated it’s own firearms retail store and firing range, Vandalia Range and Armory, located in Vandalia, Ohio. Over the past several years it had become apparent to The Hague family that gun owners wanted to display their firearms with self-importance, but their choices to do so were limited.

Traditional cases do not capture the craftsmanship, beauty, and elegance of the firearm. Unless continuously cleaned, traditional cases will collect dirt and dust. Traditional cases do not allow the firearm case to be mounted on the wall, and can only display one firearm at a time. These cases have become outdated, and do not realistically allow gun owners the opportunity to display their pistols. Growing demand for something better and, a limited market lead to the design of our VRA custom firearm cases.

VRA custom display cases allow gun enthusiasts to display their firearms the way they were intended. Made of Cherry, Hickory, Oak, or Walnut, VRA cases provide some of the finest craftsmanship ever built into a firearms case. All cases have a 10.75”x 11.5” main glass window where the firearms are displayed. Customers may choose from a plain wood front, or add an extra display window (3.75”x11.5”) to showcase medals, awards, and/or commemorative items. VRA cases were designed to give firearm owners the most exceptional way to display their most prized firearms.

  • HickoryAngle.jpgHickory Finish w/ Display Window
  • OakAngle.jpgHickory Finish w/ Display Window
  • OakAngle.jpgRed Oak Finish w/ Display Window
  • OakStrait.jpgRed Oak Finish w/ Display Window
  • WalnutAngle_1.jpgWalnut Finish w/ Plain Front
  • WalnutStrait_1.jpgWalnut Finish w/ Plain Front
  • WalnutAngle.jpgWalnut Finish w/ Display Window
  • WalnutStrait.jpgWalnut Finish w/ Display Window
  • CherryAngle.jpgCherry Finish w/ Display Window
  • CherryStrait.jpgCherry Finish w/ Display Window

VRA custom built cases will allow one to display their firearms in their most cherished form. Cases will allow up to three firearms at one time with firearm barrels up to 6 inches in length. Choose felt colors of black, blue, green, grey, maroon, or red (window models only). All cases include a set in tray, lock and key, integrated light and (3) rubber coated pegs. Extra pegs and wall mounting hardware sold separately. Case measures 19” H x 18” L x 8” W.


  • Firearm is displayed in the "upright" position
  • Display is highly visible
  • No felt around firearm to collect dirt and dust
  • Allows (3) firearms to be displayed at once
  • Equiped with Integrated light for more visibility
  • Optional display window for commemorative items
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Can change peg sizes for different caliber firearms
  • Allows any firearm up to 6" in barrel length
  • Comes with inset tray, lock and key
  • Showcases your firearm in it's most magnificient form

Price List

Finish Front Style MSRP
Red OakPlain$679.00
Red OakWindow$714.00

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